As of May 1st 2010 the LEGO Group has decided to allow everyone - including facilitators outside of our previous partner network - to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. The LEGO Group will no longer be sustaining a network of licensed partners offering LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and as a result LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can be obtained through a wide community of facilitators using the method as part of their toolbox
As a client looking for an experienced LEGO
SERIOUS PLAY facilitator to run a workshop or as a professional facilitator or consultant looking for training in order to apply LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to your toolbox, we encourage you to search the internet for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators within your country.


Links to online community platforms:


You can now donwload an Open Source document outlining the basic guiding principles of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and its philosophy.
The core methodology of LSP has been transcribed and made public for people and facilitators looking to benefit from utilising this method. The Open Source document aims to empower and inspire people to become familliar with the LSP method as well as open up the experience to people who previously couldnt be a part of it.
By sharing the method of LSP we hope it will illustrate the "power of thinking through your fingers" enabling individuals to unleash insight, inspiration and imagination, in a practical and direct way. The common language - the bricks - makes everyone equal and allows all opinions and aspects to be heard. The bricks allow people to communicate thoughts and ideas in place of traditional communication methods that can be too restrictive.
You can download the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® OPEN SOURCE document by clicking here
Over the past decade, the LEGO® GROUP has supported the rigorous and careful development of three types of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® resources:

  1. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® basic principles and philosophy, upon which everything else is built;
  2. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials - sets of specially selected LEGO bricks and pieces;
  3. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® 'applications' - detailed roadmaps of different workshops that make use of the principles, the philosophy and the materials;
In the past all three of these were only available to trained and certified consultants. From June 2010 however, the first two of these have been made 'open source'. This document outlines the basic principles and philosophy, and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® boxes (large sets of LEGO bricks and pieces) can be found here on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® website under the products section.
The document does not include detailed applications, because LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is entering a new phase. New applications will be developed by the international community of users, and may be shared online. In this new phase welcome creative uses of the tools, and innovation in the community.